Helping Individuals and Families


  • Worried that debt payments are overtaking income and savings

  • Creditor calls and financial stresses threating to breakup family

  • Job loss or under-employment causing household to suffer economically

What We Can Do For You

Steve credit and debit consultants  offers assistance and education to individuals and family members on good financial management, including:

  • money management and budgeting principles,

  • obtaining and use of consumer credit including credit cards,

  • help with car financing and home mortgage refinancing;

  • establishing financial goals, and

  • assessment of available insolvency options.


Our qualified and registered financial counselors are federally licensed and bring in-depth experience gained from many years of providing assistance to individuals and family members.


A key focus of our services include addressing the needs of our more vulnerable and high risk populations such as seniors, low income, persons living with a disability and persons with problem gambling behavior or other addictions.

  • Explain what assets are protected and exempt from seizure

  • Consolidate and reduce your debt into one monthly payment

  • Lower your monthly repayment into an amount you can afford

  • Eliminate debt and allow you to prepare a financial plan that meets your long term needs

Possible Solutions

  • Consumer Proposal (where debts are less than $250,000)

  • Division I Proposal for debts > $250,000

  • Consumer Bankruptcy

  • Assistance with equity loans and mortgage refinancing

How to Get Started

If you are worried about how your finances and family will be treated in an insolvency scenario, call for a free no obligation consultation.

Call us today at 905-272-0090 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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