House How Is My House Affected and Can We Keep It?


  • Mortgage payments and utility costs providing too little left over income for other expenses

  • Creditors threatening or taking action to put a lien on your property

  • Time needed to sell your house and restructure your financial affairs

What We Can Do

  • Stop actions by creditors

  • Provide time to allow for an organized sales process

  • Arrange for assessment of value and equity in house

  • In many instances you are able to keep your house, even if you go bankrupt

  • Consolidate debts through mortgage refinancing and/or Formal insolvency filing resulting in a lower monthly payment than you are currently paying

Possible Solutions

  • Consumer Proposal (where debts are less than $250,000)

  • Division I Proposal for debts > $250,000

  • Consumer Bankruptcy

  • Assistance with equity loans and mortgage refinancing

How to Get Started

If you have questions about your house and want happens to your debts, call for a free no obligation consultation.

Call us today at 905-272-0090 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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